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Your First Visit

Where is SCF?

We are situated on the corner of Castle Road and Oxford Street. There is street parking on Oxford Street and James Street. This is a disk zone and parking during the day is restricted to 2 hours. On Sundays, the restriction begins at 12:00, so you can set your disk for 12:00 and you should easily be back at your car by 2:00.

What should I wear?

We are very casual, so wear whatever you feel comfortable in. We would, of course, ask for general modesty but otherwise it's you we care about, not your outfit.

Do you have wheelchair access?

Yes, there are no steps to the main door. There is a lift to the first floor, where the main services are held. The lift also goes to the basement, where many other meetings happen. We have accessible toilets on both floors. If you need any assistance, please just ask.

What about my children?

The first part of our Sunday service is aimed at the whole family. Little children are welcome to move around and/or play at the back of church. After the first few songs, most children go to Sunday School.