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About SCF

Scarborough Christian Fellowship is part of the Elim Pentecostal group of churches. We have been in Scarborough since 1931, when the church was planted following ministry by George Jeffreys. The first building was on Murray Street. Our current building was originally a Methodist Church, built in 1860. In the late 1920s, Mr Pindar bought it and used it for his printing business. It later became the home of Scarborough Football Club, until we bought it in 1986.

Although we are part of the Elim movement, the reason for our name - Scarborough Christian Fellowship - goes back to the 1980s when three young pastors from different pentecostal churches in the town, decided to become one church. Initially, they held monthly united services, leading to an amalgamation of the three churches. The new church initially used the Murray Street building but quickly outgrew it and moved to Trinity Church Hall in the Valley. Having outgrown these premises, we rented space at Scarborough library, before finally buying our current building.